Refuge Coffee UKRefuge – shelter, asylum, place of safety, safe haven, harbour, foxhole, preservation, hideaway, sancturary

Refuge Coffee UK is a creative vehicle that enables us to more towards our neighbours and community in fresh ways. We trade from a quirky Piaggio Ape 50 that won’t set any speed records, but does provide us the perfect amount of flexibility to go places where we couldn’t go before.


Our vision with Refuge Coffee UK is simple.

              • We bring full-flavoured COFFEE & CONVERSATIONS to our small corner in Stanmore.

              • We CREATE opportunities for job training, work placements, internships and employment.

              • We reinvest in local COMMUNITY partners supporting those in need of refuge.


We feel that if we can do these few things well, then we are faithfully doing our part to make our little corner of the world better for everyone who lives here in Harrow. Coffee and conversations really can create community.


On life’s journey, we all find ourselves in need of refuge at one point or another. When your commute, school run, or daily walk bring you our way, we hope you will stop by for a warm cup and kind conversation. And if you’d like to know more about the Refuge story, please check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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