SBC Kids logoWe believe in a God of love, grace and justice who wants to be friends with everyone not just adults. In fact we believe that adults can learn just as much about God from children as children can learn from adults. Because of this we try to create a community of love where children and adults are equal. Here at SBC children are free to explore the questions that are important to them and their lives through fun, laughter, chat, prayer and play, developing their discipleship in a way that is authentic to them, so that they might journey closer to God and make a difference in their communities. Children are not just the future of the church they are the church of today.

SBC Kids on a Sunday

SBC Kids on a Sunday is all about having FUN with friends as we WORSHIP God and EXPLORE the bible together and find out more about God’s LOVE for us.

We have 3 amazing action packed groups on Sunday’s
Crèche: 0 – 3yrs
Why? Kidz: 3yrs – reception
KidZone: Y1-Y6

SBC Kids timetable

Little Feet logoLittle Feet is a Christian based and run playgroup that welcomes friends from all faiths or none. It is a safe space for children aged 0-5yrs and their carers to meet others socialise and play. With a variety of activities such as free play, craft, singing, and stories everyone is bound to find something they enjoy. Your first time is free every time after that is £1 per family, so come along and visit us, we meet every Monday during term time at 1:15pm-2:45pm.

Square1 logoSquare 1 is a club where boys can be boys and chill out with their friends. We’re all about letting off some steam, playing some great games and building friendships with other boys. Each week we have a time of organised activities which can include craft, messy games, cooking, and sports that encourage team work. This is followed by free time, where the boys can choose what activities they want to do; these include things such as table tennis, air hockey, craft, table football and Wii games.

So if you’re in Reception – Year 6 and looking for a place to chill out with some friends then come check us out, subs are £1 per boy, first session is free. We’re here every Thursday in term time between 6pm and 7:15pm.

Girl's Brigade1st Stanmore Girls’ Brigade is for girls in Reception – Year 13 (split into 4 groups). Each group follows a theme each half term containing 5 session plans. These are varied and include a time for games, crafts, quizzes, video clips and discussions. These teach girls about the world they live in and how to apply Christian teaching to their lives. From year 4 upwards they can buy tuck – the highlight of the evening for some! We have sleepovers, days out and weekends away for the older girls.

Holiday Club
A Massive thank you to everyone who came to Holiday Club 2014, it was AMAZING! So much fun, laughter and good times shared and new friends made. If you didn’t make it this year then don’t worry Holiday Club 2015 is on its way. Holiday Club 2015 is 4 days long starting on Monday 30th March and finishing on Thursday 2nd April, for all in reception-Year 6.

Light Party
As The winter begins to draw closer and it starts getting colder and darker why don’t you come and jump around, warm up and make some noise with us at this year Light Party it’s going to be superb. So if you’re in Reception-Year 6 come along on 31st October, and don’t forget to grab your masks and don your capes because this year there’ll be a prize for the best super hero.

Pancake Party
There’s no better way to start lent than with a big pile of pancakes with Nutella so come along and join us on Tuesday 17th February and enjoy lots of pancakes, laughs, and fun. For kids in Reception-Year 6

On average a school aged child spends 635 hours at school every year, in comparison If we assume that a child goes to church every single Sunday they will still only go for 39-52 hours a year (depending on the length of the service).

We believe that parents have a huge role to play in helping their children to grow in faith. You are the first point of call for your child, not the church and we want to help you in every way we can. Family devotions can really help not just your children but also yourselves in growing deeper in faith. Below you will find tips and advice on how to do devotions as a family, we are hopeful that these times spent together will help you grow closer to God as a family unit.