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At Refuge Coffee, we truly believe that Coffee & Conversation Create Community. In addition to serving coffees and warm drinks to families on the school run or people on their daily commute, a key aspect of our identity at Refuge relates to training and equipping others in our community for job readiness.

Over the past 6 months we’ve been part of an exciting collaborative effort — Coffee Academy. We’ve partnered with Sufra, Unlocking Potential, Each, and Sail & Anchor Coffee to provide hands on training in barista skills, CV work and general job readiness in 4 different cycles of training.

Nearly 30 “future baristas” from home countries including Syria, Egypt, Iran, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Ireland & right here in England, have entered into this learning experience with us. We are proud of what each of these individuals has accomplished in their training and we are excited to see where they go next.

Whenever your daily travels bring you near Refuge in the morning or early afternoon, be sure to stop by for a cup.

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