Firm Foundations Night Shelter Partnership

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This is our second year to partner with Firm Foundation in an effort to meet the needs of the street homeless community in Harrow. All year long, this organization offers support and signposting for those in our community with housing needs. And during the three coldest months of the year — January through March — they run a night shelter that brings people in off the street for a warm meal, games and fellowship around tables, and a safe place to sleep.
As our volunteer teams have served, here are some of their reflections on issues of homelessness, the work of Firm Foundation and their neighbours here in Harrow.
“Most of us are only two pay cheques away from homelessness.”Jenga
“It could happen to any one of us at any point in our lives.”
“I know how difficult life would be if my parents weren’t able to support me in hard times.”
“Thanks to FF for the great opportunity of sharing love in the form of food, friendship, conversation and fun with some in our community who are suffering homelessness at the moment.”
“I am humbled by how much they appreciate our efforts.”
“It was a privilege to watch the guys open up and to listen to their stories.”
If you would like to serve alongside us as we partner with the night shelter this year, please contact the church office. If you would like to connect with Firm Foundation directly, please visit them on the web at
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