Changing Church

The Evangelical Alliance has published this article in response to the Coronavirus and it’s affect on Churches. Check out the article here:

Mental Health Awareness Week

Leaders from different spheres who are passionate about emotional and mental health have come together to mark the beginning of Mental Health Awareness Week. Watch their video “For such a time as this: A letter to the Church” here:

Interrupt Light Bulb Moments

Enjoy this video from Kate Middleton… Life is busy with so many demands and distractions. How do we recognise those moments where God is doing something significant and inviting us to press into something in prayer or action? How do we grow our understanding of God through better relationships so we recognise his voice…

An Update from Pete and Mandy English!

We now have a website – please take a look.  Our vision is to make this place available for anyone who needs it, for whatever reason, at low cost or no cost (if money is an obstacle to you coming).  Do contact Mandy if you or someone you know could benefit Their vision for…

3 Tips to get through this New and Challenging Phase

Check out this video by Mind and Soul UK with a few simple tips on how to survive lockdown. It focuses particularly on the sense of pressure we may have right now to achieve amazing things, leaving us to feel like failures in comparison to what we see others doing:


Our senior minister, Shaun Lambert, has recently done a video entitled “Resilience”. If you would like to watch it, please follow this link:

Managing Stress and Anxiety

Shaun Lambert has recently recorded a video for Baptists Together on how to manage stress and anxiety. Follow the following link to have a watch: