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Unleashed – the Acts Church Today

Please join us over Lent for our series on “Unleashed – the Acts Church Today.” We’re asking the question how can the church look more like the church its called to be? We will be meeting every Sunday at 11 and on Wednesday evenings from the 26th February 7.30-9pm. Hope to see you there!


Firm Foundations Night Shelter Partnership

This is our second year to partner with Firm Foundation in an effort to meet the needs of the street homeless community in Harrow. All year long, this organization offers support and signposting for those in our community with housing needs. And during the three coldest months of the year — January through March —…

Pancake Party Flyer

Pancake Party!

Family Pancake Party On Tuesday 25th of February – 5-7pm This is a party for the whole family at Stanmore Baptist Church so parents/carers will be enjoying the evening with their kids. There will be activities for 3-11 year olds, but younger or older children are welcome! We will also have songs, bible stories, games,…


Refuge Coffee

At Refuge Coffee, we truly believe that Coffee & Conversation Create Community. In addition to serving coffees and warm drinks to families on the school run or people on their daily commute, a key aspect of our identity at Refuge relates to training and equipping others in our community for job readiness. Over the past…